Data at the Speed of Light

by | Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is a name that is used when describing fast internet speeds. It is a telecommunication cable that typically uses pairs to transmit and receive information. Equipment that uses laser technology, sends tiny encoded light signals from the source (the head-end) to the user. This is similar to morse code, except the light uses different wave link signals. For longer distances, normally single mode fiber is used. The core of this fiber is used as a pipe-line to guide light down the cable.

The fiber itself is as thin as a human hair and is made of glass for long distances. The light beams travel on this microscopic glass for miles to reach it’s destination. Some cable that you see on a utility pole may have hundreds of these fibers inside.

The light bounces off of the walls and is contained by what is known as cladding. The cladding keeps the signal inside the core. So it is really quite amazing that light can be converted into data on tiny strands of glass and travel for miles upon miles.

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